Thursday, August 13, 2015

Monarchs Not Included.

I do not include in this collection of coins from the crowned kings and queens of England, a coin struck in the reign of the Empress Matilda(mother of Henry II) or of Edward V(one of the so called Princes in the Tower)
When Henry I died, Matilda had control of much of the country off and on...had a good claim to the throne...and minted coins, but she was never crowned.  Matilda was also known as the Empress Maud, especially in Normandy.

Edward V, while proclaimed king, and minted coins, was never crowned, and was probably murdered in the Tower of  London.  Lets get something straight right now.  Most people think of a king as being king after they are crowned.  I cling to this idea when I realize that a coin from Edward V will cost the earth, if I can find one.  The fact is a little different though.  In England, The king is proclaimed.  He is then king..Who proclaims him is a mystery to me, but it is a fact that a king need not be crowned to be considered king in England.  Lady Jane Grey was not proclaimed queen, but she was not the queen.  Louis was proclaimed king but never crowned, so he was  the king, were it not for the treaty he agreed to.

Louis of England, who invaded England during the truncated reign of John was never crowned and indeed, he acknowledged that he was never really king.  I have actually purchased one of his coins, but certainly not from his reign in England. Also, he was only the Dauphin of France at the time, so nothing was minted in France during this time period.  The coin I have is from his later reign in France...still fun to have.

Edward VIII though I have included him for interest's sake was never crowned, and did not issue coins that were put into circulation in England.  What a boob this guy was!  The Queen's idiot uncle!

If I have the ambition someday, I may look for coins from these people(I have a coin from Edward VIII, and will post it, but it is not from England). The only true coins from Edward were six(I think) gold coins minted on a trial basis that are now worth millions of pounds. Filling in these empty spots will depend on how much they may cost, as all will be quite rare.

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