Saturday, August 1, 2015

King Henry I

Henry ruled from c. 1068 – 1 December 1135.
His succession was something of a scandal, as he was present at his father's death, and raced to proclaim himself king despite not being the eldest son.
He battled his brother to regain control of Normandy, and became known as Beauclerc, presumably because he instituted a number of administrative institutions in Normandy and England that promoted better government.
His only male heir was drowned in the White Ship foundering in the English Channel.  The capsizing was preceded by much wild drinking.  He also lost his illegitimate son. 
His only heir was Matilda(Married to Geoffrey of Anjou), who was to be his successor, but after long years of anarchy, Steven of Blois (his nephew) was confirmed as the next king.
Henry's coins too, have been elusive, but can be had if you can afford the price.
 HENRY I - Quadrilateral cross-fleury type Penny, ca.1125-35AD
This one was just shy of $300.00, and I thought it a good deal.
From the declared Knaresborough Hoard of 2008!
The 'Knaresborough Area hoard' was deposited circa 1135 and consisted of 178 silver coins, all Henry I BMC type XV. The hoard was discovered by a group of metal detectorists between April 20th, 2008 and April 15th, 2009. The reason for the hoard's concealment and perhaps more interestingly its non-recovery is not known.
It is perhaps worth noting that 1135 was the end of Henry's reign, and the beginning of the time of Anarchy when Stephen of Blois and the Empress Matilda were battling it out across England for the crown.  Perhaps a good time to be burying your hoard of silver coins, probably worth a very modest living wage for 3 years at the time.

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