Monday, August 10, 2015

A Good Early Coin

Ok, so first of all, this coin has qualities unique to the particular coin that makes it better, but the general attributes are some that you should look for in all investment coins.  This Edward IV Groat is fairly evenly placed on the blank.  Not off center.  There is a little wear that loses some detail, but it does not appear to be clipped.  There is some lettering that is very close to the edge, or it may be worn off.  It has a nice even patina all over.  The impression is nice and crisp, with only a few wear marks and dings that marr the pattern, but those could just as easily be in the original die.   Was that in the die(you would have to see a number of other identical coins to know) and the right eye of the obverse is a bit sleepy. The right side pattern is a bit blurred.  That could just be the die being held a bit off straight when the hammer struck.   But, with the even patina, this all occurred very early in  the life of the coin.
A wonderful coin and offered in  the $1100 dollar range including shipping.  I cannot afford such a coin, but then I am not really searching for investment grade coins.
Edward was the father of the pinces in the tower.

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