Sunday, August 9, 2015

About My Scholarship.

I am giving you a brief commentary on each of the monarchs in the Royal line of England and Great Britain.
This is just as much for fun as the collecting of the coins I will show you.  The comments about the kings and queens are by no means scholarly.  They are just there to put the individuals into a place in history, to perhaps enlighten you as to why the coin may be cheap or dear. 
If you truly want to know about these remarkable and sometimes hateful people, you should look them up on Wikipedia for brief biographies.

Harry and I are working on a Shepherd's Hut for my niece, similar to a tiny house on wheels, but a little more open and English in flavor.
Also, on You Tube, there are a couple of fine series' from BBC about the kings and queens of England and Great Britain. 
There is also a great series of books by Thomas Costain that will enlighten you in a very entertaining way.  These were written some time ago and might reflect opinions that differ from today's, but their entertainment value is still great, as are all his books.

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