Sunday, July 19, 2015

King Henry IV

15 April 1367 – 20 March 1413

Is it just me or is this a very unusual royal portrait.  It just does not seem to fit.  Perhaps it is the style of clothing, the piss poor painter's skill...but he creeps me out a little.  Hate the hat...needs a feather.  I know what it is...he looks like a Coptic or Orthodox priest!
What a mess Henry was, in terms of keeping all the facts of his life straight.
Henry was a childhood playmate of Richard II. But, when Richard became king, Henry was involved with rebellion against him.  After that, instead of being executed for treason, he was given honors by Richard.   Wow, just what was this relationship?  Now Henry, exiled to France to keep him alive when about to endure a duel over his treasonous statements, returned to England and took the throne while Richard was in Ireland, fighting. 
Richard was not very popular, because he was a bit over the top in many ways, but mainly because he believed in absolute authority and divine rights of the king.  A little too much for most English Barons. Still, after he was deposed, there were popular uprisings over and over again, attempting to put the now DEAD KING BACK ON THE THRONE!
Richard had been imprisoned, and soon starved to death, either for drama's sake, Richard starved himself, or Henry had him starved to death. 
I mean just could not make this stuff up...nobody would believe it.
Henry had some sort of a disfiguring skin disease toward the end of his life, and spent all of his time fending off assassination attempts and rebellions.  His son inherited the throne despite the fact that Richard had a son and grandson with a better right to inherit.
Henry was the first king to address his subjects in English at his coronation, and was the first Lancastrian king, laying the ground work for the Wars of the Roses.


 c.1399 - 1413 A.D King Henry IV Medieval Period Silver Penny Coin at about $196.00.

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