Friday, July 24, 2015

King Edward I - Longshanks

17 June 1239 – 7 July 1307
After a short rebellion with the barons, against his father, Edward fell into line with his father, and remained loyal through the Barons war.  Went on crusade after this, accomplishing nothing.  He inherited the throne on his way back from the holy land.  He spent much time reworking the legal system of the country, invading France unsuccessfully, taking and fortifying Wales, and when the Scots had no king after every obvious claimant died, he was asked to mediate...what idiots the Scots were about this.  He basically became king while the new king was chosen, then refused to give up the power.
Along comes Robert the Bruce..who switched sides shamelessly to his advantage, and William Wallace to fight the great battles to get rid of Edward.  They finally got rid of him, but neither side settled for what they got.  The only reason they finally got rid of him was that he died on the way to wage yet another war against Robert..  His wars on the Scots were so brutal, that he was called Hammer of the Scots, in addition to Edward Longshanks(being 6'2" he towered over everyone).
He established a permanent Parliament, a body that was meant to raise taxes, but a step in the right direction.
In his reign, he expelled the Jews from England, which was not reversed till Oliver Cromwell in the 1600s. 
Edward II (one of 14 children) was not up to the job of king, and Scotland and many other issues slipped through his fingers, but not his royal favorites...the wife did not like that at all!

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