Thursday, July 16, 2015

King Edward IV

28 April 1442 – 9 April 1483
Edward was on and off the throne twice, in his struggles with Henry VI, who was no real challenger on his own, but a rather sad character.  His struggles tended to be with Henry's supporters, his brother and Warwick up till Warwick's death in battle.
In general Henry was an able and popular king, outside the theaters of the War of the Roses, but became lax in later life.  However, he was the only member of his near family to die in bed.  His brother George, Duke of Clarence was drowned famously in a Butt of Malmsey by Edward's brother Richard of Gloucester, and his sons by Elizabeth Woodville(The White Queen) were murdered(most likely) by Richard in the Tower of London.
Richard became the last of the Plantagenet/York line, dying at Bosworth Field, though their sister, Elizabeth of York, married Henry Tudor, so carrying the female Plantagenet line on to the present.
Our family had connections to Henry Tudor...generations earlier, and to Warwick.

This silver groat coin had a hard life but was still about $70.00

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