Saturday, July 25, 2015

King Henry III

1 October 1207 – 16 November 1272
Henry was the son of king John.  The end of John's reign was basically when Louis of France invaded and was proclaimed king by the barons.  When John Died, the feelings in the country changed, and the idea of a French king would not do.  Support for Louis disappeared, and John's son Henry was proclaimed king.  Louis ended his tenure as king after battling it out and settling for a large wad of cash and a treat that saird that he had never been king at all. 
Henry was 9 years old, and became king under the regency of William Marshall for several years. then Hubert de Burgh
As he shrugged off the regents, Henry ruled personally at first, and did not rely on his advisors or any other body, after he had gained the right to rule at all...Barons tried to hold on to supremacy at first, but Henry won out.
He married Eleanor of Provence, who at 12, seemed pretty meek, but in time she became much more forceful that Henry.  Her relatives were brought over from France, and succeeded to far to many high posts than was good for them or Henry.  Henry also became involved in foreign affairs...for the most part sending money to foreign courts headed by his wife's family members.
 To be continued...

This 1216 to 1247 example was about $41.00.

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