Friday, June 19, 2015

Other Coin Collections Related to My Interests.

I do not want to start yet ANOTHER blog, so I have lumped the Canadian pennies and these American specialty coins into this one.  I do not think anyone will really care.  They are, after all, so Maine related for the most part, that they will have a ,limited audience anyway.
I had a coin collection as a pre-teen, but as things became financially tight in the 80s, after the real estate died, I was forced to sell them.  I had some nice commemorative medals, and I regretted it afterward. 
So, here they are reappearing again, at slightly more than when I first bought them.  Though some have some pretty good value, the market for medals such specialized as Maine Medals is pretty limited, so the prices do not rise quickly. The retail may be pretty good though.
I have been collecting these for each of my potential heirs, so you will find that some are repeated three times, if I could afford the same coin for each of them.
I hope this will not bore you, but each will have unique characteristics so they can be identified later when they are distributed.
I am in a similar position with these coins as I was with the English coins.  I am collecting them for the fun of it, and to provide a nice legacy for the heirs...If they can make a little cash from them; so be it.   But, I hope that since they have intimate connections with this, their home state, (One is a New Yorker by birth, but we keep that quiet, as my sister didn't know any better at the time.) they will be nice keepsakes and a legacy for their children.








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