Tuesday, June 23, 2015

King Edward VIII or Why Marry Such an Ugly Woman?

Edward VIII, the uncle of the present queen, was king from January 20 to December 11 of 1936.
I really have nothing kind to say about him.  Suspected of being a Nazi sympathizer, suspected of entertaining the possibility of a coup to take the throne back with Hitler's help...I saw the interview of the Duke and Duchess on TV in 1970(I think)..she treated him like a little lap dog...What an idiot he was!
I have not treated any of the other monarchs' consorts in any way in this blog, but I think this is a good place to make an exception.  Wallis was no beauty as far as I can see.  Perhaps she had a personal magnetism.  A funny line from the movie: The King's Speech has the future Queen Elizabeth, the queen mother, saying, "she evidently uses skills she learned in a brothel in Shanghai".....just a paraphrase mind you, do not quote me.
Anyway, I have never seen a picture that made me think she was worth losing a throne for until today.  Perhaps her looks were just unfortunate because of the fashions of the times...Although I do not see how that could be argued about the fashions for the rest of the century.  Anyway here she is:
Anyway, other than 8 gold coins minted as proofs, there were no coins in circulation in the UK with his face on them.  He departed from tradition and faced in the same direction as his father on the coins, because he did not want his "BAD SIDE" on the coin.
Here is a silver sovereign marked Newfoundland; a fantasy coin minted with his head on it but produced in the 1980s. 

 Several commonwealth countries and colonies minted at least one coin before the idiot abdicated.
The gold proof coin and a small run of thruppence test coins, really do not fit into the category of English coins since they were never in circulation.  Of the proofs, 6 are in museums, and two are in private hands.  One of those recently sold for 516,000 pounds.
Ten thrupenny bits were minted as an experiment. 

 A 1936 East African five cent coin.  No image, but this is a circulated coin in Edward's name.  It does not qualify in the collection and nothing will unless I come up with half a million dollars, as it was not circulated in the UK.  This coin was under $17.00.
OK, so why am I getting so into this Edward VIII coin thing?  I guess is that it is so famous a crisis situation.  God knows I think the man an IDIOT...Have I said that before?   The man was an IDIOT...I guess it is more convincing in CAPS.
I am in the caps mode, why not continue.
Probably no image because of the possibility of offending Muslim people in India...Just a guess.

Edward VIII Papua New Guinea Penny marked ERI for Edward Rex Imperator.  It was about $12.00

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