Monday, June 22, 2015

King George VI

This is not my favorite royal portrait, pale colors, ill fitting garments like a restaurant uniform, and it looks like he is a porter holding back those unruly flags with a scepter.
14 December 1895 – 6 February 1952

These are both stock photos of the coin.  I need a better camera to get a good image of my own.  the obverse of these two photos is more the color of mine in real life.
George had a stammer to beat all stammers, did not want to be king, lived through particularly trying and discouraging times, and died quite young...This guy deserves a second portrait.
I  do not know why I am having such terrible luck with George's coins.  What looks a little bit like light and shadows, is really uneven patination.  Don't hate me but I may end up cleaning this one.  It is not a valuable coin, and by the time it becomes valuable in 600 years, no one will guess that I cleaned it.  Just my 600 years this will be the last one on  earth and some expert will say..."well, this one could have been valuable, but it was cleaned!".

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